Emma Rye™ - A VR MRI simulator for
anxiety relief & patient wellbeing

Undergoing an MRI is a frightening experience for children and adults alike. The process demands that the patient remains still, in spite of the loud noise and confined space. Many patients require sedation, which carries its own inherent risks and high cost.

Emma Rye™ is a pre-MRI training tool designed to put children at ease and help them to avoid moving during the actual procedure.

Designed by pediatric physicians and VR experts, Emma can change the experience of undergoing radiology procedures from frightening to exhilarating. Turning kids’ frowns upside-down in MRI.

Emma Rye™ is developed in Toronto, Canada and uses patent-pending technology and software.

Sedation & Anesthesia

Reduce the number of patients that require sedation or general anesthesia, saving cost and lowering risk.


Scan Duration

MRI operators and technicians can perform the scan faster and with less breaks when the patient is calm and cooperative, thus reducing scan duration and increasing machine throughput.


Image Quality

A calm patient is more likely to stay still during the procedure, increasing the resulting image quality of the scan.


Technology & Specifications

What makes our product tick

Virtual Reality

Emma Rye™ is an interactive roomscale VR app that uses high-quality photorealistic environment & 3D models to deliver an immersive experience.

Biofeedback Loop

Our system will detect and respond to head movement, heart rate and breathing to help patients relax and calm themselves.

Operator Station

The operator has complete control over the simulation and can monitor patient vitals in realtime. A camera can bring a caregiver into the VR experience to further calm the patient.

Data Logging

All vital metrics such as head movement, heart rate, oxygen level, audio level and eye movements can be logged for further analysis.

Who is using our technology


SickKids, a world leading pediatric hospital in Toronto, are directly contributing to the success of the Emma Rye™ Simulator. By sponsoring stage II clinical trials they have put their faith in our technology and its ability to improve patient wellbeing, reduce risk and lower healthcare costs.

Stanford University is known for its academic strength, wealth, proximity to Silicon Valley and ranking as one of the world's top universities. Out of this tech incubator came Hewlett-Packard and Google. Home to the Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital and the highly innovative CHARIOT program, Stanford Health champions the largest hospital-based AR/VR program. Through successful integration of new technologies in health, Stanford blazes the trail for all hospitals in the field of clinical medical technology applications.


The people behind VRAL

Our Team
Vice's headshot

Shachar "Vice" Weis

CTO & Co-founder A software developer with 25 years of experience, Vice has worked in many fields and disciplines. From ancient mainframes to tiny system-on-chip units. Vice has extensive experience with Virtual Reality, 3D and 2D, game dev, robotics, UX design and automation.
Hillel's headshot

Dr. Hillel S. Maresky

CEO & Co-founder Dr. Hillel S. Maresky is a Toronto-based radiologist and medical imaging specialist at the University of Toronto. Certified in both SMRC and SCCT level III - the highest attainable qualifications in the cardiac imaging domains - Dr. Maresky has had the honor of becoming the recipient of RSNA and NVIDIA Corp. research grants.
Dan's headshot

Dan Wasserman, MBA

Business Development Dan Wasserman is a serial entrepreneur and the founder of Mammoth Health Innovation, and has also served as an Executive in Residence at ventureLAB for almost six years where he created the Healthcare Ecosphere, one of three provincially recognized healthcare innovation initiatives.
Dalia's headshot

Dalia Muskat-Brown

PR & Clinical Communications Dalia graduated from York University with an Honors BA in Psychology. Her experience is in social psychological research, and she has spent the last two years as the communications and marketing manager at a wealth management firm, ensuring that potential clients receive the information that they need to take a step forward.
Tolu's headshot

Dr. Tolulope Ola

Chair, PFAC (Patient Family Advisory Committee) Tolulope graduated from the medical program at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland. During her studies at RCSI, a school at the forefront of clinical research and simulation medicine in Europe (home to Europe’s most advanced clinical simulation suites), she developed a keen interest in simulation medicine and its real world applications.
wilfred's headshot

Wilfred Teper, P.Eng

Chief Strategist & AI Engineer Wilfred is a world-renounced physicist, professor, engineer, and acclaimed academic expert in special relativity and proton acceleration. Wilfred served as an advisor to HydroOne, South African Water Company, and sits on the board of Continuing Education at the University of Toronto.

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